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Guard Your Company – and Your Job – Against IS Security Threats
How Much Will a Cyber Attack Cost Your Company?
According to CompTIA research, the average cost of a security breach across all companies is $369,388, with some large companies reporting losses in excess of $10 million.
Organizations categorized the cost of their security breaches as follows:
  • Employee productivity impacted: 35%
  • Server or network downtime: 21%
  • Revenue-generating activities impacted: 20%
  • Physical assets impacted: 17%
  • Legal fees and/or fines: 8%
Source: “Severity Level of Information Security Breaches on the Rise, CompTIA Survey Shows”; CompTIA research study, published September 18, 2007.
Arm Yourself With Vital Skills and Knowledge to Combat Cyber Attacks
Whether unintentional or malicious, data security breaches can damage or even cripple your organization – and career. From hackers stealing sensitive customer data to employees inadvertently downloading and spreading viruses, threats come from many directions. What safeguards does your company have in place to prevent these security breaches from happening? And, just as importantly, how will you respond when a cyber attack circumvents even the most stringent security measures?
As an IS professional, you know that your network security has a direct impact on your job security. And when it comes to potential data breaches, what you don’t know can hurt you. You can’t rely on software and firewalls alone to protect corporate assets; you need to take a proactive role in analyzing and preventing security risks – and have a sound business continuity plan in place for when a breach does occur. After all, most experts agree it's not a matter of “if” but “when” – which is why resiliency and recovery plans are critical.
Your Secret Weapon: Proven Tactics From Top-Ranked Villanova University – 100% Online
Master the latest tools and techniques and gain the essential insights you need to protect your network – and your job – against security threats with a Master Certificate in IS Security or a Master Certificate in Information Security Management from Villanova University. These in-depth, 100% online programs will expand your expertise in both the theoretical and applied aspects of information systems security, giving you the ammunition you need to combat insidious attacks. Furthermore, they’ll prepare you to achieve certification from leading industry organizations – including Security+™ certification from CompTIA and CISSP/SSCP certification from (ISC)2 – which can also help you increase your salary and advance your career.
Comp TIA & (ISC)2
Be Prepared for Tomorrow – Register Today!
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