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Falling into these traps can cost you, both in terms of sales dollars and career momentum. But knowledge is power, and the University of San Francisco arms you with the insight and strategies you need to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Inattention to Purchase Behavior

    Increase your close rates by finding out how and when your prospects buy products and services. Research their budgeting cycles through public records, financial reports and other resources, and stay abreast of industry happenings that may impact their funding or purchasing.

  2. Information Overload

    Don’t overwhelm your prospects with a barrage of features and benefits. Use consultative sales techniques to determine your customer's needs and create value by explaining how your product/service addresses those needs.

  3. Premature Close

    Listen carefully to your prospects. If they're not ready to buy, use the appropriate close to achieve your next desired course of action. Choose a technique — such as the “minor point,” “Ben Franklin,” “next appointment” or “clean up” close — based on the signals you receive.

  4. Inadequate Post-Sale Follow-up

    Show your customers that you value their business. Schedule a series of communications via phone or email. Plan a (non-sales) visit to see how your product is working. Take your client to lunch, or drop off bagels and coffee. Great relationships create loyal customers.

  5. Insufficient Investment in Self-Development

    Think beyond today's quotas. You must continually invest in your skills if you expect to increase your close rates, boost your earnings and stay on top. Best-selling sales books and “guru” seminars provide a flood of information, but can be like drinking from a fire hose — you typically retain very little and waste valuable time. Your best option is an online program developed by renowned experts; one that offers respected university credentials and incremental learning on your schedule.